The Asters-Ortonized

Friends, when trying to decide on what the subject of this image, i realized that it was both the perfect and the imperfect that told the aster story, At first i wanted to return to the meadows of Crex and reshoot for the perfect rendition, but then this image spoke and said that the imperfect also have their place in the world and can be objects of beauty.  Venturing into the world of philosophy is hazardous so for the photographic world, I used the Orton Effect to soften the overall effect. In short this technique is two layers blended with the multiply filter.  The bottom image layer is sharpened and lightened to 2.00 with levels, then the top layer is blurred with the Gausian blur tool and lightened to 1.5 with levels, the top layer is then blended with the multiply filter.   til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I do better with the philosophy LOL! I get totally lost with camera speak, LOL! Beautiful no matter how it was achieved! Margie

  2. Great photo. Thank you for adding the nuts and bolts of how you create a photo, it really helps us who are still learning photography.

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