Swan bath

Friends,This Trumpeter Swan is splashing about taking her morning bath, she is quite active and needs a large bathtub.  Splish splash and the second verse to the song.  She looks like  she is having a party all by herself 🙂 til Tomorrow MJ

And then a-splish, splash
I jumped back in the bath
Well, how was I to know
There was a party goin’ on?

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  1. just noticed the big yellow tag on the swan, it is really obvious being on the neck whereas our birds are tagged on the leg (i guess the difference between being a water bird and being a beach bird or wader) …. is there a study going on?

    • the trumpeter swans have been extremely rare in the past, some of these swans were hatched in captivity and released to the wild, this program has been essential to their recovery as a specie, the neck band helps everyone to keep track of the individual swans, they also wear leg bands, i would like to clone out the neck bands but my photo friends say the band is part of the survival story, thanks MJ

  2. Great shot.
    Margie you need to consider changing blog post. Your current blog doesn’t open on the page. The viewer has to scroll right and then up and down. With http://www.wordpress.com you open on the image. Jack

    • jack, i am on wordpress.com so not sure what the problem is, maybe check your screen resolution, you are the only one who complains of this problem, so i will not be changing, sorry if this is disruptive to your viewing my site but hope you will continue to fight with it, thanks MJ

  3. Super 🙂

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