The Wild Lily

Friends, In Crex Meadows the wild Lilies are blooming here and there on the prairie grasslands.  Their bright orange attracts the eye and my camera.  These are a bit different than the domestic day lilies in that the cup where the petals meet are not closed and each petal is separate from the others, six beautiful orange petals with spots.  I didn’t like the glare from the full sunshine so i used the Orton effect to soften the image.  Thanks to Denise Ippolito and her book “The Softer Side of Macro”, well worth the read for you wildflower fans. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. A circular polarizer would cut down on the glare if you want to avoid the softening from the Orton approach. I never shoot images like this one without a CP (whether I have the CP rotated to cut out reflections is a separate issue, but it’s on my lens just in case).

  2. Beautiful, MJ. 🙂

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