A River flows through it

Friends, a river view in the badlands at the point where Knutson Creek enters the Little Missouri River.  This spring the water was quiet and  very peaceful,  unlike last spring when a hundred year flood had turned this scene into a raging torrent. This river is about 560 miles long with headwaters in Wyoming, moving north into South Dakota badlands, north into the North Dakota badlands and north to empty into the Big Missouri River.  My Grandfather tells of escaping a massive flood with his wife and young son on the back of a single horse.  In their marriage book, my Grandmother had written “this was damaged in the flood of 1910” .   The power of water. til Tomorrow MJ

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Posted on June 1, 2012, in Badlands, Geology, photography, Wildlife. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. We love to see the landscape our horses came from, thru your great photos!

  2. powerful image, huge…. and the tale of the river is epic …. feel as though i have been on a great adventure just enjoying your post mj!

    • thanks christine, you write the best comments, i really appreciate them and i continue to learn about down-under from your blog, love your bird images, thanks again MJ

  3. Nothing better than a peaceful fiver, blue sky, and a S curve. I like!

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