Trumpeter Swan, summer

Friends, this summer Trumpeter Swan is stretching his wings and sports the latest in neck bands.  This flapping of wings is thought to be a form of exersize or simply a stretch of his chest muscles.  These muscles need to be very strong to propel him back and forth on the migratory route.  His pectoral muscles serve to push the wing down, while the supracoracoideus muscles raise the wings.  His red band suggests that he was released from Iowa and now makes his summer home in Wisconsin, Crex Meadows. Your anatomy lesson for the day . :), til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. such a brilliant photo capture…
    Jean was right I certainly do Love this swan photograph…so regal and beautiful!
    you two talented sisters you!

  2. ooo so beautiful! the neckband is appropriate for me…it shows our intervention to save these gorgeous creatures…xoxo

  3. I know the neck band serves a purpose with tracking but it just looks so wrong! Otherwise, great picture!

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