Balanced Rock

Friends, this balanced rock sits on a slant in the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs.  Someday it will probably crash from its pedestal into the valley below, but in the meantime the rock reminds us to keep my life in balance.  Family ( including a loving husband) , friends and especially grandchildren are first on my list.  After that i rank my photography and writing second in my priorities.  So WordPress becomes for me an important link to others of like minds.  Thank you to all those who are following my blog and sharing my photos. I now have a purpose in retirement, to provide some color and maybe help you to lighten your load.  Stay balanced my friends. til Tomorrow MJ

About mjspringett

Nature Photographer, searching for questions and answers

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  1. thanks for your welcome message mj, balance is a tricky business but i think we get better at it with experience … i enjoy your posts, your natural world is always beautiful!

  2. Love this rock… I used to look at an old grainy picture of my grandmother in front of this rock… from the 50’s… interesting to see it again, modern day, still balancing!

  3. Hey MJ, I we Received your Hope and Broken Submissions for The Dark Globe Shoot Off! We actually received your Hope one Twice, so I wanted to make sure that, that wasn’t supposed to be a “People At Work” Submission, which we didn’t receive. You don’t need to Submit to all three Categories, I just want to make sure one didn’t get through.

    Thanks, and Good Luck


  4. MJ….ah balance, always harder than it appears. Love the part about never knowing when it will fall……en theos….jim

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