Brown Creeper

brown creeperFriends, this tiny bird is a Brown Creeper, the first time I have seen one of these birds. He is foraging in the bark of this tree, but he was also sampling the suet feeders that were attached to this tree.  I love his coloring and notched tail.  His very quick movements made him a challenge to photograph.  On our recent trip to the Sax-Zim bog bird sanctuary, our friend pointed out this bird to us, Thanks John.  The quotation below was reprinted from the Cornell Birding site.

The naturalist W.M. Tyler, writing in 1948, captured this species’ energy and fragility in a memorable description, “The Brown Creeper, as he hitches along the bole of a tree, looks like a fragment of detached bark that is defying the law of gravitation by moving upward over the trunk, and as he flies off to another tree he resembles a little dry leaf blown about by the wind.” I could not say this better, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. lovely photo of a little brown bird, well done mj!

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