Mother and Child – Wild Turkeys

Friends, this mother and child came through the yard just yesterday, i have done a little photoshoping on the background, but the bird detail is more dramatic set against the more neutral background.  These birds were picking grasshoppers off our lawn and husband decided it might be time to mow the lawn.  We used to have a birdfeeder under the tree and turkeys like sunflower seeds as well as the littler birds.  The DNR has issued orders not to feed anything unless the feeders are hanging very high so the deer can’t reach them.  They seem to think that deer concentrating at feeding sites facilitates the spreading of chronic wasting disease.  I think that the strong deer will better be able to fight off this disease and extra protein might help them remain strong.  My opinion doesn’t really matter, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. we dont have turkeys over here, lovely to see them 🙂

  2. We get turkeys under our bird feeders too. Fortunately, they are welcomed and enjoyed!

  3. We have a mother turkey with six yearling that eat twice a day. They were tiny when she first came and now they are the size of yours. We have a burn pile and they love to bathe in the ashes. I’m told they do this to remove fleas and ticks.

    They usually come in the afternoon while we are having snacks. Mother brings them up as if we were not there. The bird feeder is about 25′ from where we sit. She watches while the babies eat.

    DEER!!! That’s another issue. We have a neighbor with a deer feeder. They come to his place for corn and ours for salad. They especially love our roses. If we forget to spray they clean the vines. The deer also eat our grapes. We use a hot sauce mixed with water that stops them until rain or the sprinklers wash the stuff off.


    • i guess we have to learn to live with the critters, but the Department of Natural Resources people, now that’s a different story. They want to rule the world, hope you and mikki have a nice trip and sell everything, MJ

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