Introducing Christine from Australia, her photos of the local wildlife, flowers and local geology are not to be missed. thanks MJ


Emus are the largest Australian bird, reaching up to two metres in height. Normally they are not seen on the east coast, but almost twenty years ago a wealthy businessman who developed a showy retreat island near Tuross introduced some Western Australian birds to his island. He thought they would look grand decorating his lawns and landscaping on the 80 hectare Horse Island. Gradually the emus decided to move on, either swimming or wading to the mainland, where they began to flourish. Now emus are a common sight around Bodalla and Potato Point. After meeting a friend for a very delicious lunch at the Blue Earth Cafe in Bodalla, we drove out to Potato Point, and had our first close up experience with the now-local emus.

Like to know more? Read this story by James Woodford about the Horse Island emus.

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  1. thanks for the reblog mj, those emus are a bit larger than your lovely loons 🙂

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