The Eaglet has Landed

Friends, please excuse the rotten picture, it is strictly for documentation as  this nest of bald eagles is always backlit when we visit.  We have been watching for the chicks to appear and this ugly mutt showed up in the nest.  He sure isn’t cute and cuddly like other baby birds. But he is an immature eaglet that mama and papa eagle are feeding.  This image makes me laugh because his bill looks like it is too big for him.  The nest is well made of huge sticks and woven quite well considering that it was done by a bird.  The adult birds labor to bring these sticks to the site and patiently build from scratch or build on last year’s platform.  Last year we had a tremendous wind storm (tornadoes) that knocked down many of the eagle nests around Crex Meadows so many of the birds had to build nests anew.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Maybe like puppies that grow into their paws he’ll grow into his beak!
    It’s awesome that the eagles are coming back.
    Thanks for sharing.

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