Spirit stallion

Friends, this handsome fellow has always followed me around the badlands. A sighting of him always lifts my spirits hence my title. A short story, when I was young,like many young girls, I longed for a horse and my father would ask what kind of horse. I would tell him a white horse with a black mane and tail. He would just laugh and say that no such horse existed. The summer after his death, I ran to the badlands to get away. I was sitting high on a hill and a herd of horses came in sight led by a white stallion with a black mane and tail. I had the last laugh. Now I know that this stallion is gray, but after a summer of sun his coat had faded and he appeared more white than gray. Several times when I have come here to photograph, this horse (or horses of similar markings) have come to me and even posed for pictures. Til Tomorrow Mj

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  1. I loved your story. Beautiful photo.

  2. Beautiful story, beautiful horse. It’s rare when the vision we see in our mind’s eye suddenly appears before us. How lucky you’ve been to have this happen to you!

  3. great story mj, your horse!!!

  4. What a wonderfully touching story. Thanks you.

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