Teaching the Dance

01,WC185,DC,Cranes on the FieldDear Friends, this image is a composite of two images, but typical of dancing cranes, i love it when they dance in the fall, you can see in the top bird a small piece of corn in the beak being offered to the ground bird, sometimes they will toss a small piece of ground clutter into the air as they jump, i don’t have that image yet which is why i keep trying, a fascinating ritual, sometimes the youngsters will imitate the adults, so teaching the dance til Tomorrow MJ

Crane Dance

0310mjsDear Friends, these cranes are jumping for joy or are they jumping to stay warm, either way, they appear happy, on a sunny morning in the corn field with light shining through their wing feathers. Are you jumping for joy this morning? I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Soon til Tomorrow MJ

My Best Dancing Cranes

01,WC185,DN, Dancing CranesDear Friends, this is my best dancing cranes from this year, the fluffed up feathers make this image unique, this is a staring match , and the first bird to blink, well, that is my take, til Tomorrow MJ

The Essence

0210mjsDear Friends, the essence of fall in our part of the world is summarized in this image, the trees are brilliant with color, the corn is harvested and the cranes are flying everywhere.  Soon the ground will be white, the cranes will be gone and the trees will be bare, i do not like the winter, but will put up with it, bah humbug, til Tomorrow MJ

Trumpeter Swan Takeoff


Friends, Crex Meadows in the fall not only has thousands of Sandhill Cranes, but also has smaller gatherings of Trumpeter Swans.  The swans breed and raise their cygnets in the area and residents can be observed throughout the summer.  So enjoy this landing til Tomorrow MJ

Back to Work

01,WC185,DN,Gray Fox

Friends, this gray fox was focused on something that moved, not me, i don’t move a hair while photographing this guy, i have been on a short hiatus this summer from blogging, but still gathering images to be used in this site, enjoy the fall season, i am, til Tomorrow MJ

Lots of Storms

storm clouds6

Dear Friends, i could not decide how to present this image, color or black and white, without the color it looks stormier, do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Big Black Bear in a tree

big bear in a tree

Friends, this is a young black bear male who has been chased up a tree by a bigger black bear male, i love the pose as he tries to assess his position from this loftily perch, love the bears til Tomorrow MJ

Before the Storm

before the stormDear Friends, the other day i was chased by this storm and it seems to be a reoccurring theme in Crex this summer, lots of rain and humidity, this morning it is a little cooler and dryer, time to visit the birdies, til Tomorrow MJ

Green Wing Teal??

young green wing3Dear Friends, i think this might be either a young male green wing teal or some kind of hybrid, what do you birders think?  The green speculum is there but no white border around the head green stripe, the back and side feathers are also strange. Seen on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows on July 1.   til Tomorrow MJ


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