A Winter Visitor

lewis woody closeup

Dear Friends, this my dear friends is a Lewis Woodpecker who has flown a bit off course, he belongs west of the Rockies, but somehow has drifted into Wisconsin.  I and two friends traveled all day ( in the comfort of a lovely modern pickup) and found this bird in a rural farm yard, he had been reported here previously.  I am in love with the feathers on this bird, til Tomorrow MJ

Day Seven Nature Challenge

swan wing over young giclee copy copy

Dear Friends, this is an image from my archives that i titled Father’s Day, This particular swan pair used to bring their cygnets right up to the road and sometimes i saw them on the road.  They reached adulthood successfully and they were not banded so who knows where they are now. til Tomorrow MJ

Day Six Nature Challenge

dancing with female best

Dear Friends, this is my favorite sharp tail grouse image from this spring in Namekagon Barrens.  My thanks to the Friends of Namekagon for their work in setting up blinds and maintaining the lek sites.  til Tomorrow MJ

Day Five Nature Challenge

cranes head crop adult and juvenile

Dear Friends, I initially thought that this image would show a comparison between the adult crane and a first-year juvenile, but it also illustrates the ruffed feathers versus the smooth appearance.  The ruffed look is usually seen after preening during the fall molt of feathers.  til Tomorrow MJ

Day Four Nature Challenge

01,WC185,DP,Sunset Cranes

Dear Friends, the Sandhill Cranes of Crex Meadows have always been one of my favorite subjects, every fall thousands of cranes gather here and fly into a roost site at sunset.  This iconic image is one of my all time favorites. til Tomorrow MJ

Day Three Nature Challenge

01,WC185,DN,Feeding the Youngster

Dear Friends, almost forgot to post my nature challenge image for the third day.  This adult is still feeding the chick when he is six weeks old, loves his minnows, til Tomorrow MJ

Great Gray in the Snow

great gray in snow

Dear Friends, this great gray owl is from my archive, the same owl as yesterday’s post, taken after he landed ten feet away and asked for a mouse, but i have no mice so off he went after giving me a few frames of pleasure, i sure love the owls, til Tomorrow MJ

Great Gray in Flight

great gray owl flightDear Friends, this photo is the first of the nature Challenge issued by Melissa Anderson, from my archive but hope to see some this winter, this owl flew right at me and landed in the snow about ten feet from me, i think he thought i had a mouse for him, but nothing in my pockets, til Tomorrow MJ

Mourning Summer

0804mjsDear Friends, i am in mourning, i love summer and all the colors that our warm weather brings, now the fall is gone, winter and the blues of ice and snow are pending.  Christmas is coming so i am momentarily distracted by family activities and all that is good, but when the cold sets in and the temps reach the minus range, i hate going outside, but i force myself and bundle up my body to fight the cold, i can stay out until my camera freezes, then i am out of luck, so til Tomorrow MJ

Working Again

red rock ment
Dear Friends, this ten-petal mentzelia is growing out of the red rock in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, locally the red rock is called scoria, but the real term is porcelainite (sp) , made from clay layers being baked by a burning coal layer, if you drop a piece on a hard surface it will ring like a china cup, hence another local name, clinker.   the white flower of the mentzelia is only present in late summer near sundown and before sunrise.   til Tomorrow MJ


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